About Us

Who We Are?

The multiple small footwear industries launched in the mid-1970s were the first and core business of Universal Group. Operating under the name of Modern Slipper Industries Pvt. Ltd & Kiran Shoes Manufacturers, the group has established itself as the biggest footwear-producing group in Nepal. Launched in 1990, Goldstar Shoes is underpinned by three key features; Comfortable, Durable, and Affordable. Goldstar Shoes are crafted with genuine materials using innovative technology, for this reason, we are able to be part of each household in Nepal and India, as well as gaining popularity in Western countries. Next off the production line is Hawaii Slippers called HATHI, introduced in the early eighties and now widely available throughout the country. Various ranges of EVA sandals and Hawaii slippers are made under this brand. This pioneering brand is admired for over four decades for being one of the superior quality slippers in terms of style, durability, and price. “Hathi Balio Ki Hathi Chap Chappal” - is a very famous slogan among the users of this brand. We have always prioritized the R&D of new cutting-edge products, technology, and customer service to expand the business into a new market. We have formed strong relationships around India and throughout the country with our distributors and their customers who we greatly appreciate and thank them all for their support and loyalty. We have also been fortunate to have received national recognition as a progressive and extremely well-managed business through the best exporter award and best taxpayer in the export category. Our success at these awards is an endorsement of the high caliber and quality of footwear industries management and staff and their dedication to cutting-edge technologies in R&D which enhance the overall well-being, safety, and comfort of the company’s clients. Currently, more than 3000 people are employed directly in five different operating units in Kathmandu, producing more than 75000 pairs every day.


Goldstar Shoes - Made in Nepal


We envision Goldstar to be a part of people’s lives in every continent of the world by 2025.


Our mission is to create quality footwear at competitive prices with innovative technology.


Message from the Chairman MD

Founded in the mid-1970s, Goldstar and Hathi brands have come a long way in terms of comfort, style, and durability. I take this opportunity to thank our valued customers, whose continued confidence and support in our footwear, motivate us to extend the best quality and value for their money. I appreciate the effort and hard work of our 2700+ employees and our channel partners, for helping us grow to become the biggest footwear producer in Nepal maintaining an annual growth of 25%-35% over the last 5 years. We are dedicated to availing our products all over Nepal and abroad and focused on addressing the needs of our customers through seasons and locations, in line with the world’s best, while maintaining continuous interaction with them to access their changing requirements. 

We are committed to total customer satisfaction by identifying their specific needs and translating them into quality products. Moreover, in response to growing customer demands, we have continuously enhanced our R&D and production capabilities and expanded our product portfolio across various segments. Today, I am proud to say that our portfolio comprises 150+ products that are consumed across the globe.

We plan to achieve our goal through our strength – our workforce and seek their continuous involvement in achieving the company’s objectives. Being the company that employs the maximum number of female workers in Nepal (70% of our workers are female), with our equal pay policy, we are committed to women’s empowerment and economic freedom. 

We are also committed to our shareholders’ wealth maximization through sustainable growth by managing our resources to gain an optimal balance of our commercial objectives and corporate social responsibilities. I, therefore, seek the continued patronage of our valued customers, and the cooperation of our employees and heartily thank our well-wishers who have contributed to the growth of our company. 

Mr. Amir Pratap JB Rana 
Chairman MD